Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Create the Pin-up Girl Look

How to Create the Pin-up Girl Look

The pin-up girl look symbolizes seduction and glamour of the 50s. This look still turns heads in today’s modern world. This look is perfect for a night out and for that special event. Although it does not require the skills of a professional makeup artist, practice does make perfect. With the proper techniques you will be on your way to becoming a 1950s pin-up girl. Try this look before attending your next engagement .You will feel and look like a glamorous pin-up girl, and get the attention of one.

Things You’ll Need
· Makeup brushes
· Eye shadow base
· Eye shadow
· Black eyeliner (liquid or sharp pencil)
· Mascara
· Foundation
· Setting powder
· Blush
· Lip liner
· Lipstick (red)

1. Apply eye shadow base, which helps the shadow to last longer. By applying it before foundation it will help for an easier clean up in case of an accident. Apply base to entire eyelid as you would a shadow. You can use a brush or your ring finger. Blend evenly

2. Apply eye shadow.Apply a neutral colored eye shadow on the entire eye lid using your shadow brush. Then take a light to medium contrasting color and apply to your crease with your brush. Blend evenly.

3. Apply eyeliner to the upper eyelid. You can use either a pencil, liquid eyeliner or both for a more intense look. Take your time. Start lining at the inner corner of the eye, carefully moving toward the outer edge. Extend the liner about a quarter inch past the outer edge of the eye, and flick upward toward the temple to create a winged look.

4. Apply mascara. Use black mascara, and apply two to three coats then use whats left over and swipe over your bottom lashes. Wipe mascara wand and use as a brush to remove any clumps.

5. Apply foundation. Use your foundation brush and apply foundation in upward strokes on the face until completely covered. Blend evenly.

6. Apply blush. Dip your blush brush into the blush, swirl, tap, and shake the excess off. Use what is left over on your brush to apply to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion.

7. Apply setting powder. Dip your face brush into the setting powder, swirl, tap, and shake the excess off. Use what is left on the brush and apply to the T-zone of your face.

8. Apply lip liner to your lips so that they do not bleed.

9. Apply your lipstick and blot.


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